It’s About the Journey

I’ve had the fortune for the past several years to help others build their business as well as build my own. One of the most fascinating things that’s become a realization for me is that success has very little to do with the outcome. Don’t get me wrong, seeing something come to fruition is gratifying in several areas, but there’s something that’s a lot more exciting to me.

            It’s the journey.

            It’s the process.

            It’s the trial and error. 

            It’s the small successes and setbacks that are inevitable to take place along the way.

At the end of the day, there’s 2 things we need to frequently remind ourselves about…

            1.  Our biggest breakthroughs take place when we’re doing things that make us feel uncomfortable.  It’s when we push ourselves beyond our perceived beliefs that good things happen. It’s when you take “that’s impossible” and turn it into reality that differentiates you from 99.9% of others.

            2.  Without taking risks your business will be stagnant. As business owners risks must be taken to reach higher levels.           

Yeah, one can stay in their comfort zone and not really step out in the world of the unknown, but their results will be mediocre at best. What we get out of things is in direct proportion to what we put into them.

            Without exception.

Regardless of the outcomes from the little “experiments” I’m involved in, I know the most important            thing will take place…

            To me it’s about the journey.

            It’s about learning.

            It’s about falling to my knees and forcing myself to get back into the ring.


Sweating from head to toe, blood dripping from my face and feeling like I got ran over by a mack truck is what motivates me.  It keeps me excited and keeps me in the game.

            I want you to do things that don’t come naturally to you.

            Things that make you extremely uncomfortable.  Things that make you say, “What am I doing!”

            When you do that, growth is taking place.

            It doesn’t just have a HUGELY positive impact on your business, but EVERY area of your life.         

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