The Best Nutrition Shake-Shakeology

  The down and dirty truth is shared here in my Shakeology Review. I have to admit at first I was pretty skeptical about the cost of shakeology. I mean if you’re not a beachbody coach the price is around $120.00 which will last you a little more than a month. I thought that was a bit high priced until I started figuring out exactly how much I used to spend on eating out each day.

For an example let’s take a fast food meal at really any of those places. By time you get a burger, some fries and a drink you’re talking 6-7 bucks and that surely is not the most healthy stuff you can put in your So figure at 6 dollars a day times let’s just say 25 days considering the work week, that adds up to 150.00 for the month. So really I was saving 30 bucks looking at it realistically.

Shakeology Review-It Gets Even Better

Now consider all the healthy ingredients that are included in Shakeology and how it has helped me lose weight and feel great, it’s definitly a bargain at that price. But wait, it gets even better. As a beachbody coach I get a 25% off all beachbody products including shakeology. Which now makes the price 90.00. At that price let’s refigure the savings, now I’m saving 60 dollars a month and living a healthier lifestyle.

It really comes down to getting over that initial shock about the price and realizing the money you waste on things that are slowly adding weight and killing you. Some people will see the bigger picture while some won’t but my job in this shakology review is to share my experience so you can make an informed decision. Some people don’t hesitate to spend 8 dollars for a pack of marlboros each and every day but when it comes to something healthy for their body they say it’s too expensive.

Now I’m not saying that I lost 40 pounds in 90 days because of shakeology because I was also working out with P90X at the same time. So I can’t be accurate with how much of it was Shakeology but I do know many others that have simply used Shakeology and seen great results. One of my friends for example said she lost 12 pounds in a month just by replacing one meal a day with it.

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