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Author: Mike Erwin
  Welcome to Mike Erwin Online.com! This site was designed for the specific purpose of helping people who realize there is something more to life than just getting by. This site will be your sanctuary where you’ll hear success stories from people who haved created a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. It’s not only about their success stories, it’s about how you too can start living your life by unleashing your inner entrepreneur. By unleashing your inner entrepreneur you are finding that deep passion and full potential that is seen in all truly successful and happy people.

As a marketing consultant and motivational speaker I am here to help you reach your full potential and unleash your inner entrepreneur. Originally from Dayton, Ohio I’ve always thought outside the box and realized there was more to life than just eeking out an existence. We were not designed to be mediocre, each and every one of us are designed for greatness.  After unshackeling the chains of corporate America at the age of 36, I’ve never looked back. By investing in yourself as well as others you will start to unlock the power of your inner entrepreneur.

Mike Erwin Online is for the those that seem to be always striving but never arriving. If that describes you or someone you know then you’ll always be looking but never seeing. You’ll always be busy and never at rest. You see, happiness and success is not in things, it’s in you. The decision to be happy or sad always rests with you. Whatever the picture it’s your frame of mind that counts.

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances but rather with a certain set of attitudes. True happiness and success is faithful and constant, it is the potential you carry around with you all the time. Mike Erwin Online is just here to help you unlock all that is already inside.

The famous Michaelangelo was once asked: “How do you create such beautiful sculptures. His answer was: The beauty is already there, I don’t create beauty god does. I just chip away the surrounding marble to reveal the beauty, the beauty is already within.” I want you to think of Mike Erwin Online as being here to help chip away the surrounding marble and reveal your beauty and potential within.

yours in success,

Mike Erwin