When you reach for your full potential don’t let the critics deter you. Time is our only negotiable currency, yesterday is a canceled check, tomorrow a promissory note. The only limitations we face are the ones we place on ourselves.

Happinesisnowhere: When you read this do you see happiness is no where or happiness is now here? It’s all in your perception and mindset. Place your attention not on the outside world but on yourself and your inner potential. Happiness is in you not the world. You are the key to happiness. We have lost faith in ourself and have placed all of our attention on the outside world.

If you keep believing it’s the world that determines if you’re happy you’re open to great disappointment. If you can’t see happiness in yourself you can’t see it in the world. The world is only a mirror, you will only see in the world what you see in yourself, nothing more nothing less.

The more we chase the world and the future the more we overlook that happiness is already here inside you. It’s just been buried by a pile of fears, doubts, guilt and conditioning from the media of gloom and doom. The news believes in the term if it bleeds it leads. What a culture we live in now. We must recultivate our potential. Be careful what you look for, you will find it.

Why are people so sure that happiness is running ahead of them? Perhaps if you stood still awhile you would find that happiness is here right now but you are too busy running away from it. Imagine a thirsty fish- a fish dying of thirst that is born in water and surrounded by water it’s whole life. Just because the fish refuses to drink the water doesn’t mean there isn’t any water.

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