Are You a Happychondriac?

  People are scared of happiness. There are 3 patterns, the first when someone is wanting to change their life but is just too busy, the second is the people that want something better but are scared to leave a situation because it’s all they know. The third is getting out of one situation just to find yourself in another. Happiness is more than the absence of pain or problems. Until you a find your inner happiness you’ll always experience unhappiness. Helping people solve a problem isn’t the same thing as helping them find true inner happiness.

Most people have happychondria. They are afraid of happiness, they’re afraid to be different. Happiness waits on welcome not on time. Until you feel that you are worthy of happiness you can’t accept happiness fully. Nothing real stands between you and your happiness only illusion and your own confusion. The more we pursue happiness the more we forget how to be happy.

Look at our society and the lifestyles we’ve created. We’re too busy to be happy now, too much in a hurry, too focused on our future. Happiness is not outside of you it’s in you. Until you change the belief that happiness is somewhere else you’ll only experience a life in which you’re always “getting there but never quite there”.

We all suffer from constant self judgement. No one is harder on you than you. Your judgements stain the windows of your perception. Your belief that you’re not good enough is your greatest problem. Happiness is not about changing your job, your address or who you’re with but about changing your mind about yourself. Nothing is ever enough if you determine that you are not enough. You enjoy as much happiness as you believe your’e worthy of.

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